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Welcome to DMS Web!


DMS Web gives Debt Management Program clients online access to account information.  You can update your personal information, view your monthly statement or review your payment history at your convenience. You can also communicate with your Financial Counselor through a secure message board.


Please contact us at (800) 450-4019 with any questions or to access your account online. 


If you are a NEW client and have an upcoming appointment you can enter information that we will need to assess your situation, during your Financial Review Session.  Please contact us if you would like to access DMS Web to prepare for your session. 


Check out our website here.





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 To our DMS Web Users who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

It has come to our attention that DMS WEB users with the new Internet Explorer 10 have found viewing issues.   Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions and Firefox users do not have these issues.



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